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Natural moisturizing body cream

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Light cream with immediate absorption. It helps the skin to regain its balance, making it soft and velvety. The body moisturizer is a totally natural and nourishing product. Thanks to jojoba oil, rich in phytosterols (fats of vegetable origin), it has moisturizing, firming, and microcirculation stimulation properties. Helps prevent sagging skin, creating a natural lifting effect. A quality elixir, enriched with hyaluronic acid for skin that appears immediately nourished and velvety. Thanks to rosehip oil, it improves the appearance of acne and scars. The results will be visible after just a few applications. Your skin will appear fresher, firmer and more supple.

Components : Extra virgin olive oil, Hamamelis water, vegetable glycerin, Jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E, essential oil, hyaluronic acid.

100% natural product