Miele di Millefiori nota frutti di bosco- 250gr - Sceltixte

Wildflower honey with wild berries notes - 250gr

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We all know and appreciate honey as a product
to use instead of sugar to sweeten foods e
drinks. Each of us, at least once in our life, is
enjoyed an herbal tea or a cup of warm milk sweetened by a
large spoonful of honey. What few of us do What they did, perhaps, was thinking about what the properties are The things that make this food so special and not just a
valid substitute for sugar.
Our Millefiori Honey line combines ancient wisdom Artisanal honey processing and our technique of
cutting-edge mixing, which has allowed us to
being able to offer you a unique product that sees gold melt
yellow of the bees to the terpenes, typical of the hemp plant.
The honey extraction process is a manual process a Cold wine used to enhance all the fragrance of the aroma
characterizes it, to which four different ones have been added
terpene formulations. The result is a food Absolutely natural and organic restaurant with a unique flavor.