Natural coffee face scrub

Natural coffee face scrub

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Scrub for deep cleansing of the skin. It performs an excellent exfoliating action without being aggressive.

Excessive exposure to the sun, stress and pollution can make your skin dull and dry. Thanks to our 100% natural face scrub, you will have a homogeneous and luminous skin already after the first application, giving brightness and compactness. With an exfoliating action to be used all year round, it becomes an indispensable beauty ally. Exfoliation is useful for having a more homogeneous skin and to restore brightness without being invasive. In fact, caffeine has antioxidant and invigorating properties. In addition to the coffee powder, the main ingredients include extra virgin olive oil and Hamamelis water

Components: Hamamelis water, extra virgin olive oil, coffee powder, honey, cocoa butter.

100% natural product